30 Amazing Science Facts That You Never Knew Before

We are sharing some interesting science facts that will surely shock you. Have you ever imagined that the human body consists more of bacteria than our any body tissue cells? Did you know that you can start a fire with the help of ice? Here we brought you 30 such amazing science facts that will blow your mind:

If the earth were to suddenly stop spinning, inertia would cause everything -including ocean water to jerk sideways at 1,600 kph.

Males produce 86 Million sperms each day

You can use ice to start a fire

Rain contains the vitamin b-12

The tooth is the only human body part that can’t repair itself

A supernova in our galaxy may be visible from earth in the next 50 years

The wind on Neptune is so fast it breaks the sound barrier

Oxygen makes up 45% of the earth’s crust 

Without oxygen-hydrogen is free to float to the upper troposphere and eventually into space 

Space smells like a combination of hot metal, fuel and barbecued meat 

A recent study shows that playing video games is a healthy way to relax that can improve moods and self-esteem

Adelaide, South Australia has started to use the world’s first solar-powered bus. riding the bus is free of charge

Evidence of 100,000 years old life forms have been found in subglacial lake sediments in Antarctica

New research suggests that smaller animals perceive time faster. this makes larger animals, like humans, appear to move in slow motion.

No chance of a real-life Jurassic park: scientists unable to extract DNA from sub-fossilized insects

When your mother was born, she was already carrying the egg that would become you

At least once a day your immune system destroys a cell that would have become cancer if it lived

The core of a star reaches 16 million degrees Celsius. A grain of sand this hot would kill someone from 150 kilometers  away  

The moon, Venus, and Jupiter aligned to form a smiley face on may 16,2010

China’s pollution is visible from space 

A cockroach can live several weeks without a head 

There’s a spider in Brazil whose bites can cause an erection that lasts for hours

The human brain (when awake) produces enough electricity to power a 40-watt light bulb for 24 hours

If you shake salt into a glass of water the water level goes down

Venus, where it rains sulfuric acid and snows heavy metals.

The human body consists of more bacteria than human cells

A recent study found that many vertebrate species would need to evolve 10,000x faster than they have in the climate change predicted in the next 100 years

There are approximately 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, atoms in the humans bodyScience Facts

Scientists in Japan did a test to figure out the friction between a shoe, a banana peel, and the ground it’s 0.07

If you were to put Saturn in water, it would float.

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