30 Famous Celebrities Who Drive The World’s Most Expensive Cars

With fame comes money and with money, the wants for better and more luxurious items keep on growing. The celebs are no exception to this law and so, they love to buy luxurious things and almost every one of them owns a luxury car. So today, we have prepared a list of some of the most famous celebrities who drive the world’s most expensive cars. Take a look:

Will Smith

Peugeot RCZ
Price: $49,990

Jennifer Lopez

Aston Martin DB7
Price: $118,650

50 Cent

Lamborghini Gallardo
Price: $2M


Bugatti Veyron
Price: $2M

David Beckham 

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead
Price: $407,000

 Nicolas Cage

Enzo Ferrari
Price: $188,425

Floyd Mayweather

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita
Price: $4.8 M

Jay Leno 

Mercedes SLR McLaren
Price: $500,000

Jay Z 

Maybach Exelero
Price: $8M

Jerry Seinfeld 

Porsche 959
Price: $700,000

Justin Bieber

Ferrari 458
Price: $230,000

Kanye West

Lamborghini Aventador
Price: $750,000

Kim Kardashian

Ferrari F430
Price: $186,925

P. Diddy 

Price: $360,000

Paris Hilton 

Custom Bentley GT Continental
Price: $285,000

Patrick Dempsey 

Price: $206,000

Paul Pappalardo 

Ferrari 250 GTO
Price: $52M

Rick Ross 

Maybach 57
Price: $430,000

Simon Cowell 

Bugatti Veyron
Price: $1.7M

The Game  Most Expensive Cars

Bugatti Veyron
Price: $2.2M

Flo Rida 

Golden Bugatti Veyron
Price: $2.7M

Sara Cox

Audi RS4
Price: $$55,800

Vernon Kay

Nissan GTR
Price: $175,490

Colin Farrell

Ford Bronco
Price: $30,000

Iggy Azalea

Ferrari 458 Italia
Price:  $225,044–$272,152

Ryan Gosling

Toyota Prius
Price:  $26,000

Pierce Brosnan

BMW i8 Plug-in Super Car
Price: $164,295

Simon Cowell

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Price: $119,980

Charlize Theron

Land Rover Range Rover
Price:  $87,350

Angelina Jolie

BMW Hydrogen 7
Price: $118,000

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