30 Funniest Texts From The Parents To Their Children

We truly can’t choose what’s most humorous between the classic texts, embarrassing autocorrects and all the funniest texts from parents to their children. So, we have investigated the most entertaining texts at any point sent from parents to their children. Here is the list of 30 funniest texts from parents to their children:

Dad is playing with… lol!


Please don’t text me!

He is not a gay!

She just wants to confirm!

Ice daddy!

The mama!

Dad is a dad!

Divorcing your father!

thanks, mom!

Didn’t get good results last night!

Mommys texts!

Well, that’s fine!

Say lightly!

Bringing drugs!

Mom stop type!

Please stop changing google logo!

Why is that funny?

Are you in the toilet?

How to hashtag?


What does it mean?

Can you see it now?

Wrong with her phone!



I urinated my pants!
Funniest Texts

In a meeting!

When you left your phone at home!

Thanks, dad!

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