30 Funniest Things That Can Only Happen In India

Undoubtedly, India is the most bizarre and interesting place to live. The people here are known for their intelligence around the world. They do things which can actually spice up the lives of common people. They are so good in ”Jugaad” that they can actually do kind of things which are just near impossible. So here we bring you some of the funniest and bizarre things that can only happen in India:

Ohk, Yeah got It!!

Don’t Worry He Will Pick Up Anything!

Monkey Has Your Back!


Very Common!

Ohh, This Can Only Happen In India!

Crazy Lady!

Bizzare Rituals!

What A Creativity!


Please Die!!

What A Ride!!

No Need For The Main Door!!

Big Fat Gold Wedding!

What A Lady!

Horn Ok Please… Bitch Please!!!

All Social Media Platforms At One Place!… And The Best Thing Is You Can Eat It!!

Posters On Building or Building On Posters!!!… Tricky One!!

Snakes Are Also Worshipped!!

Chase him… Chase Him Down!!

Strong Competition!

Wait! What??

We Need This Lady… Like Right Now!!

Crazy Indian Fans!!



Brick Man!

Beat This If You Can!!


This is Definitely One of the Great Indian Minds Could Have Done!!

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