30 Hilarious Job Fails That Will Give You A Reason To Laugh

In today’s dynamic world most of the works are done with the help of machines, even though it’s not so precise and there is always scope for mistakes too. Similarly, humans make a lot of mistakes in their jobs which gives us a reason to laugh every day. Here are such 30 hilarious job fails that will give you a good dose of laughter.

Who wanna go there to urinate with friends?

Free coffee for 1$

failed jobs


Thirst price!

 Stop or not?

When universities try to save the money and bring cheap labor, then this happens…

 And that long yellow thing is banana. 

When you have poor geography!

When you are in a hurry to post a video and forget to mention the name…

When you have no interest in a girl, you don’t care how to fix her

Remote interview

 How Samsung copies Apple  

 When you need a private seat in public places 

 The reason why no one comes in your open nightclub…

 Salute to architecture …

When the designer is frustrated with his work

This is how telephone extinct from the market

Is a boy who loves girlish stuff 

Superman named as Batman 

Buy nothing and you become tension free 

Stop your car here

Perfectly done job 

Black and white from inside 

Would u like to have a hot cup of coffee?

When hot dog and hamburger change their dresses 

When there is so much piracy 

Who would have done this 

Washroom hack!

Go this way…

Clap for the audience

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