30 Most Unexpected Things Found In The Luggage Detection At Airport

Every day airport security seizes many things around the world. You must have heard news about the people getting caught by the airport security for trying to smuggle drugs, cash, and gold. But these aren’t the only things that the security personnel catch at the luggage detection, sometimes they come across some really strange things that a normal person can’t even imagine. Here are some of the strangest and most unexpected things that were seized during the luggage detection:

Chasity Belts

Smoke Grenades

Loaded Spear

Human Skull With Hair

Old Bazooka Round

Hummingbirds Inside the Underwear

Lipstick Taser

Chainsaw Having Full Tank of Fuel


Human Skull Remains

Strange Weapons

Human Head Smuggling


Cannon Ball

Deadly Venomous Snake

Giant Snails


Hidden Cameras

Knife In Foot Powder

Louisville Slugger

Flask of Black Powder


Parrot Smuggling



Mickey’s Packin

Tiger Cub

Bear Maze

Saw Blades

Boy in a Trolly

luggage detection

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