25 Mind-Blowing Guinness World Records That You Won’t Dare To Break

Out of more than 40,000 world records that the Guinness World Records as of now holds, numerous are really astonishing and impossible for others to beat. In any case, some world records have been set in such weird disciplines that it will make you wonder about the record holders. To demonstrate you probably the oddest world records at any point set, we ordered this post with 25 mind-bending records ever:

Covered with the heaviest mantle of bees

Crushing  watermelons with the thighs in the shortest time

Farthest eyeball popup

Farthest milk squirting  distance through eyes 

Hardest kick to the groin

Heaviest weight lifted through eye socket

Largest object removed from the human skull

Largest scorpion held in the mouth

Longest attack of hiccups

Longest time survived trapped underground

Loudest burp

Most apples crushed with the bicep in one minute

Most cockroaches have eaten in one minute

Most cosmetic procedures

Most flesh tunnels on face

Most maggots moved by the mouth in one hour

Most people crammed in the car

Most snails on face

Most straws stuffed in the mouth

Most toilet seats were broken by the head in one minute

Oldest wing walker

Smallest waist  World Records

Strangest diet

The longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouth

Stretchiest Skin

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