30 Hilarious Photos of People Having A Worse Day Than You

Not everyone is so lucky to have a good day, there are many people that are having a worse day than you. You might run out of luck sometimes but hold your thoughts and watch these fails. We have collected the pictures of such images that will definitely make you laugh:

Is she lucky or not?

Bad luck!

The flight attendant rushed out of the bathroom!

And click! Man buys 99  iphones to propose to girlfriend, she said no…

My friend got a surprise haircut at work today…

When you open the door and find this!

That just happened!

Hahaha, road party!

Best cheesecake!

Look at her face!

Car keys!

How to open microwave!

He needs extra chili flakes!

Now he has to clean it by hand!

Her looks!

And you thought you were having a bad day?

Rip him!

When you wake up with this!


How will he get down now?

You are fired!

Free pizza!

Best adventure drive!

God save him!

Road shower!
When you drop it!

Feel his pain!

Run boy run!Worse Day

Dead is out of the window!

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