30 Most Popular Cat Breeds That You Can Add To Your Family

There are more than 200 well-known cat breeds out of which most of them can be domesticated and adopted by the humans. Cats are mostly so adorable and friendly and therefore can become a nice pet too, so if you are a cat lover and looking for a cat breed to add to your family, here we brought you thirty of the most popular cat breeds from around the world:

Abyssinian Cat

American Bobtail

American Curl American Shorthair Balinese Cat

Bengal Cat

Bombay Cat

British Shorthair

Burmese Cat

Cornish Rex

Exotic Shorthair

Havana Brown

Himalayan Cat

Japanese Bobtail

Maine Coon

Manx Cat

Munchkin Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Oriental Shorthair

Persian Cat


Russian Blue

Savannah Cat

Scottish Fold

Siamese Cat

Singapura Cat

Somali Cat

Cat Breeds


Sphynx Cat

Turkish Angora

Turkish Van

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