25 Most Shocking And Strangest Things Found In The Sewers

Working in Sewers is not an easy job and people who work in there don’t really enjoy their work. The Sewers are filled with stuff flushed down from our toilets and things that drain in off the street. But sometimes the men and women working out there find things that defy explanation. Here are the top 25 things that were found in Sewers that will surely freak you out:

A Dumped Baby

Live Puppy

An Omega, Two Rolexes, and a Franck Muller Watch

Toys and Cell Phone

Marijuana Worth $1500

Pink Bicycle

Giant Cannibal Rats

$56,000 Worth of Gold

Human Placentas

Deposits of Fat

Hand Grenades

Half Mini Car

World War II Bullets


Strange Jaw Bone




An Elephant

600 Pound Alligator

More Than 50 Qurans Found in Taif Drain in Saudi Arabia

WWI Victory Medal

A Man’s Wedding Ring Found after 25 Years

A Motocross Bike

A Fax Machine


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