25 World’s Tallest Natural Waterfalls That You Have To See

Our world Is so beautiful and we are blessed with so many natural wonders that you will find enchanting. Among most of the natural wonders, waterfalls are one of the biggest tourist attraction in summers. So if you are done with sizzling summers and looking for a break, here we brought you a list of 25 world’s tallest natural waterfalls that you can experience this season:

Avalanche Basin Falls, Montana, US  (2,320 ft)

Balaifossen, Norway (2,789 ft)

Browne Falls, New Zealand (2,743 ft)

Cascades de Trou de Fer, Reunion, France (2,379 ft)

Colonial Creek Falls, Washington, US (2,585 ft)

Gocta Catarats, Peru (2,530 ft)

James Bruce Falls, Canada – 840 m (2,756 ft)

Johannesburg Falls, Washington, US (2,464 ft)

Kjelfossen, Norway (2,477 ft)

Kjeragfossen, Norway (2,346 ft)

Manawainui Falls, Hawaii, US  (2,359 ft)

Mongefossen, Norway (2,536 ft)

Mutarazi Falls, Zimbabwe – 762 m (2,500 ft)

Olmaafossen, Norway (2,362 ft)

Olo’upena Falls, Hawaii, USA (2,953 ft)

Puukaoku Falls, Hawaii, USA (2,756 ft)

Ramnefjellsfossen, Norway (2,684 ft)

Strupenfossen, Norway (2,690 ft)

Vinnufossen, Norway (2,822 ft)

Waihilau Falls, Hawaii, US – 792 m (2,598 ft)

Yosemite Falls, California, US – 739 m (2,425 ft)

Yumbilla Falls, Peru – 896 m (2,940 ft)

Angel Falls, Venezuela (3,212 ft) Tallest Natural Waterfalls

Tugela Falls, South Africa (3,110 ft)

Tres Hermanas Falls, Peru (2,999 ft)

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