27 Most Unbelievable Things Found Inside A Human Body

X-Rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation which helps in producing pictures of broken bones and fractures. But sometimes, the doctors find more than just breaks in the bones in the image. Here are some of the most unbelievable things that were found inside a human body after doing X-Rays:

Arrow Inside the Head

Batteries Inside The Backbone

Colony of Bulbs

Cell Phone In Colon

Chair Leg Inside The Face

Cobblestones in a Love Quarrel

Drill through the Head

Ectopic Teeth

Fork Inside The Backbone

Head Grenade

Live Ammo Inside Colon

A Swordfish Bill

Nail Inside Nose

Scissors Inside The Abdomen

Ring Inside The Body

A Colony of Light Bulbs

Nail Across A Finger

Walking Cane Inside The Body

Keys In the Face

Knife inside the Skull

Light Bulb From Below

Nosso Corpo Funciona

Scissors in the Throat

Soldier With Nerves of Steel

Surgical Forceps

Tap Handle Piercing the Eyeball

Suicide Bomber

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